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Introduction to
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A 5 minute video that
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the village in Bulgaria.

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4. Geshaview - the best
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Hot tub and personal spa bath

hot tub in gardenIntroducing a ‘hot tub personal spa’ to your Geshaview property in Bulgaria may well be a wise investment.
The introduction of hot tubs has been well received and will place your property in a unique position within the village lettings programme.

Adding a ‘personal hot tub spa’ would allow you to experience a new world of wellbeing and will also place your property into the ‘luxury’ category where you would be able to demand a higher rental income.

child friendly hot tubThis type of hot tub can be used very safely by all ages, being a great feature for the younger (‘mini splash pool’) and older (hydrotherapy) generations and will be a great addition to your ‘family property’.

The hot tubs are classed and approved as a ‘medical hydrotherapy product’ and as such will be promoted as part of a rehabilitation/wellbeing experience to the more mature visitors to the village.

With a simple on/off switch and requiring no personal maintenance during your stay makes the hot tub very simple, easy and versatile to use.

Used indoors or outside, the tubs can be moved to take advantage of the changing seasons. Summer in the garden and winter on the balcony… you choose.

Soft on your environment hot tub adds atmosphere
No heater - the water is heated from the waste heat energy generated from the water circulation pump.

Insulation - increases the heat retention by 30% thus reducing energy needs.

24 hour patented running programme - to further reduce energy demands to approximately a sixth of normal hot tub designs. The use of ozone in the purification system reduces the use of harmful chemicals.

Ideal for use in and out of doors... in rain frost or snow... warm and always ready to use... Softub!
Which hot tub
The hot tubs are designed to be easily moved and need not be a permanent fixture. Having it placed in the garden for the summer months and on a balcony in the winter months for example, is a great added feature of the tubs.

The tubs are designed to be placed out of doors and to be running permanently. The heating pump motor is silent running and maintains the water temperature at a constant heat between 28º and 40º.

The tubs have many eco/energy features in the overall design and the cost to run from a standard electrical socket is in the region of 20 pence a day.

Purification of the water is by chlorine with an ozone enhancement making the water safe and pleasurable.

fun in the snowHot tubs generating income for you Having a hot tub on your property in Bulgaria could increase your rental income by €25 a day.
The following is just an example of how adding the hot tub facility would bring in additional income.

Extra weekly charge for renting property with hot tub: 
€25 extra per day 
(6 days @ €25 = €150)

Assuming a 90 day letting/occupancy per year (90 x €25) = €2,250

Assuming a 120 day letting/occupancy per year (120 x €25) = €3,000

Little maintenance and low running costs moving a hot tub
The hot tubs need a daily health maintenance programme of water quality and temperature testing.

The tubs also need to have a water change at least 4 times a year (every 13 weeks). It is at these times that the hot tubs can be moved to a different location within your property if desired.

If the hot tub is only for your own personal use and you are not expecting rental usage of your property then it can be emptied and stored when not in use.

Helping you decide on your choice of hot tub
To help you decide on which hot tub is best for you we have a FREE DVD that you can order by completing our request form.

You can also call our UK/EU office on 00359 676 72001.
softub logo

To watch a short movie and hear the sounds of a hot tub please use the controls.

Why is a Softub good for
your holiday home?

It will...
...add value to your property by offering a unique choice to prospective holiday visitors and generate income from year one. paid for in approximately 4 years (or earlier depending on the number of lettings). your property into the ‘Premier’ level of the letting programme.

...give you and your family great enjoyment and relaxation that will be the ‘talking point’ of the holiday.

Choosing the right tub for your property.
There are 3 sizes of hot tubs available:
1-2 person (150cm dia)

3-4 person (180cm dia)

5-6 person (200cm dia)

The 1-2 person size would be suited for use on a bedroom balcony. The larger sizes would be suited to any other area.

FREE Hot tub DVD
Click here to order your FREE hot tub DVD and request more information
The photographs, illustrations and information used on this website give an indication of what is proposed for the 'Geshaview' village and should not be taken as the basis for any contract. We operate a policy of continuous product development during construction. Due to this we always have a number of amendments to the design of our developments, properties and facilities. We therefore recommend that you ask for details of the alterations and improvements we have incorporated. Thank you.

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