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Introduction to
the Geshaview village...

A 5 minute video that
will give you an overview of
the village in Bulgaria.

Geshaview video

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Geshaview -
the rural project

Upgrade your property
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1. Climate Change Strategy
2. Geshaview - the concept
3. Family holidays
4. Geshaview - the best
Bulgarian investment

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hot tubs in bulgaria
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22 shops, 7 eateries...Shops at Geshaview, Bulgaria
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Holidays in Bulgaria
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Spa Centre and Wellbeing Lodges

woodland wellbeing lodge

The lodge is a complex of 8 buildings that will be located in the
woodland area of the Geshaview village.

spa centre in Bulgaria
Each of the 8 buildings is designed to make the best of the location within the woodland area.
Constructed from stone and wood, the ‘open sky’ design allows for maximum connection to the natural surroundings without compromising the comfort you would expect from an internationally recognised and awarded destination.

Natural landscape
Capturing the natural landscape and blending this into the building style is the core design principle.
Consideration for all-year-round use has also been a key element of the creation of the wellbeing lodges. You can spend the sultry, hot summer afternoons relaxing under the natural canopy or, in winter, brave the snow covered woodland glade in the outdoor heated pool via the aqua-hatch.

suspended wooden walkwayWoodland paths and suspended walkways
The woods of Geshaview are a combination of steep gullies and woodland floor that gradually falls and slopes towards the south-east, this will allow each of the buildings to be formed so they naturally connect to each other and the immediate surroundings by a labyrinth of woodland paths and suspended walkways.
Entering the wellbeing woodland lodge takes you to a lower level from the village. Descending into the woodland you will arrive at the two relaxation and exercise areas set in the hillside and shaded by the trees.
Descending another level you will find yourself on the woodland floor. Walking to the central lodge and reception takes you past the 4 treatment lodges that are perched in the trees to the east and west of the central lodge.

hot tub in bulgaria
Indoor/outdoor pool
Onwards, following the choice of pathways that leads you to the water relaxation lodge that is entered from the south side. This wooden lodge houses the relaxation pool and natural therapy pools. Glazed in the winter months and open to the air in the summer, the indoor/outdoor pool, via the aqua-hatch, makes for a unique experience.
Wooden decking is suspended up into the tree canopy. Each of the treatment lodges, together with their own private and secluded balconies are located away from the reception and pool lodges. A short walk via the suspended walkway takes you to a place that completes an experience difficult to explain.

Courtyard Wellbeing Annex
In addition to the woodland wellbeing lodges there is also a wellbeing annex in the central courtyard building.
geshaview linenOffering many aspects of health and beauty, Geshaview is able to offer a complete and unforgettable experience of wellbeing for all the family.
Services that you will be able to experience in the woodland wellbeing lodge range from the more traditional to those that are only found in Bulgaria.
We have designed the lodges to be able to cater for all generations. The treatments and experiences are aimed at the individual and are also suitable for the family to enjoy together.
Use of the wellbeing lodges is open to all residents and visitors to Geshaview. A level of limited membership will be managed so that the wellbeing lodges are at all times in use with a controlled level of occupancy for all to enjoy.
The photographs, illustrations and information used on this website give an indication of what is proposed for the 'Geshaview' village and should not be taken as the basis for any contract. We operate a policy of continuous product development during construction. Due to this we always have a number of amendments to the design of our developments, properties and facilities. We therefore recommend that you ask for details of the alterations and improvements we have incorporated. Thank you.

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