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Introduction to
the Geshaview village...

A 5 minute video that
will give you an overview of
the village in Bulgaria.

Geshaview video

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Geshaview -
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Upgrade your property
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1. Climate Change Strategy
2. Geshaview - the concept
3. Family holidays
4. Geshaview - the best
Bulgarian investment

climate change strategy kids quiz
hot tubs in bulgaria
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22 shops, 7 eateries...Shops at Geshaview, Bulgaria
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Family Quiz

Hi, thanks for clicking into the Geshaview family quiz.
Have fun moving up the levels, there are 5 to attempt.

Level 1 Bulgaria - The country
Level 2 Culture - Traditions and religion
Level 3 Geography and places
Level 4 Trade and commerce
Level 5 Language

Some answers are available within the website and some you will have to
search for… or maybe you just happen to know the answers. Have fun and
if you wish to submit your answers to us we will place you in the free draw
to win a viewing trip to Bulgaria and Geshaview. Please see details below.
Good luck and I look forward to seeing your answers.

David Hollands, Founder, GESHAVIEW

bulgaria - the country

Q1 Which is this capital of Bulgaria?

Q2 Bulgaria has a coastline. What is the name of the sea?

Q3 Bulgaria has a famous river that forms
part of its international border.
What is the name of the river?

Q4 Bulgaria has 3 mountain ranges. Which of these mountain ranges
runs almost the length of the country?

Q5 Bulgaria is a member of the EU.
What year did the country officially enter the EU?

culture, trade and commerce

Q1 What is the national dress of Bulgaria?

Q2 What is the main religion of the modern Bulgarian people?

Q3 Bulgarians celebrate the beginning of spring with red and
white emblems. What is the name of this annual celebration?

Q4 The national and recognised instrument of Bulgaria is called
the Gaida. What type of instrument is it?

Q5 The written alphabet in Bulgaria has a number of symbols
that do not appear in the English alphabet.
What type of alphabet is used in Bulgaria?

Geography and places

Q1 Bulgaria’s highest mountain is Musala.
In which mountain range can you find this peak?

Q2 The capital city of Bulgaria is home to over 2 million people.
What is the population of the whole country?

Q3 There are 5 countries on Bulgaria's borders.
Which 2 countries are to the west

Q4 Bulgaria has 2 major cities on its coastline.
What are their main manufacturing processes?

Q5 The capital is famous for its green, tree-lined streets and parks.
It is one of the greenest capital cities in Europe.
It also sits under the shadow of a snow capped mountain.
What is the name of this mountain?

Trade and commerce

Q1 Bulgaria has its busiest, main international airport in its capital city.
What city has the second busiest airport?

Q2 Bulgaria is famous for exporting a certain type of oil extracted
from a flower. What flower is grown to produce this oil?

Q3 What is the currency of Bulgaria called?

Q4 What is the name of the national airline of Bulgaria?

Q5 The national flag of Bulgaria has 3 colours: red, white and green.
Which is the right order of the colours from top to bottom?

language of bulgaria

Q1 What word is normally used when casually greeting a close friend?

Q2 What is the word normally used when saying goodbye?

Q3 What is the correct word for the airport?

Q4 What is the casual word used for saying thank you?

Q5 What is the correct word for asking ‘where is…’


Thank you for taking part in the family quiz.

If you would like to complete your details below and forward your answers
by clicking the 'submit' button below we will be pleased to
enter you into our FREE PRIZE DRAW.

Every 6 months we will draw from the entrants with the correct
answers to all the questions of all 5 levels.
The winning entrant will be offered a free viewing trip to Bulgaria to visit
Geshaview and experience 4 days with us exploring the countryside
attractions, traditions and scenery.
There is no obligation to buy or commit to any purchase.
All food, accommodation and transfers to and from the airport in Bulgaria
will be paid for by Geshaview. You will be expected to pay for your flights
to and from Bulgaria. You will be expected to have full travel insurance.
The prize is restricted to a maximum of two persons travelling with at
least one being an adult over the age of 18 on day of travel.
For further information please email:

Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms/etc)  
Full Name  
Address line 1  
Address line 2  
map of Bulgaria
How much do you know about Bulgaria?
capital of Bulgaria
Is this the capital of Bulgaria....
...or is this?
Nessebar in Bulgaria
What sea is on bulgaria's coastline?
interior of church in bulgaria
What is the religion of Bulgaria?
Bulgarian mountain range
Which mountain range?
bulgarian traditional costume
What is the national dress of Bulgaria called?
flowers in Bulgaria
Which flower has its oil extracted?
currency of Bulgaria
What is the currency of Bulgaria?
airport in Bulgaria
What is the correct word for an airport?
The photographs, illustrations and information used on this website give an indication of what is proposed for the 'Geshaview' village and should not be taken as the basis for any contract. We operate a policy of continuous product development during construction. Due to this we always have a number of amendments to the design of our developments, properties and facilities. We therefore recommend that you ask for details of the alterations and improvements we have incorporated. Thank you.

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