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Geshaview’s climate change strategy

earthThe concept and design of the Geshaview Rural Village has included, from its inception in 2002 many climate change strategies.

Since the start of the building programme in Jan 2006, an ongoing strategy of climate change awareness has been built into the core principles and practices of the project. It is this long term strategy that has given the village an unrivalled, unequalled and unique atmosphere.

Even as a building site the landscape and the unfinished buildings ooze with sympathy for their surroundings and stand proud with pride with the knowledge that every centimetre of the development has had a ‘climate change eagle eye’ looking over it every day.

It would take too long to list everything but here are just a few of the climate change strategies that have gone into the making of Geshaview.

Geshaview... a climate change role model
Despite being built in the forest only 22 trees have been removed. The positioning of every property has been dependent on keeping as many trees in the gardens and immediate land around the houses.

Making best use of natural tree bough shading will reduce the need for watering in the grassed gardens. Strategically placing the houses with the use of the tall boughs creates a natural cooling effect on the houses during the hot summer month thus reducing the need for air-conditioning.

Grey water catchment systems have been placed on and around all of the properties in Geshaview. This grey water will be utilised from the 3 main catchment tanks to water the gardens and to supply the man-made ‘natural’
Time sensor lighting in common areas, use of natural lighting in all properties, touch sensitive night time lighting all form part of the directive to minimise the use of electricity in the village. All properties are fitted with wood burning fires as standard. Use of local fallen wood will be the natural fuel used to heat during winter months. An alternative low energy air-conditioning system is also fitted as standard in all properties.

Lighting in the village during hours of darkness has to be a compromise between safety and security together with attractiveness and practicality. Lighting for all outside features will be controlled and timed to be managed for minimal use. Touch sensitive outdoor lighting will be placed in low flow areas of the village. Low energy lightbulbs will be used throughout the village.

Delivery and supply of all stone work for the village has been sourced locally. This has reduced massively the travel and fuel use for delivery. The clever use of stone casts have been utilised on a majority of the properties, reducing the need for delivery. This natural stone cladding is produced on- site on demand. Bricks, gravel and cement has been produced at the closest local factory thus reducing delivery times and impact on the environmentl.

Natural landscaping has been maintained. Local topsoil, flora and fauna have been preserved during the village construction. As a result, natural wildlife, flowering of herbs and the re-generation of the forest floor by careful clearance has and will encourage the re-birth of the natural local wildlife to the village and its immediate surroundings for those who will enjoy it.

Build materials
WC’s and all sanitary ware is produced within 25Kms of the site. The sewerage system is a natural cleansing organic eco-system. Dispersing the clean water after the cleaning process into the natural waterways. Wood used for all building material and for constructional purposes is sourced locally and has a minimum transport schedule.

It has been paramount that the workforce employed to build the village should, at all times be local. Members of the work force are housed on site or, if local, are transported free of charge by coach. This has had a huge reduction on the use of commuting by the workforce.
This and many more climate change strategies have been implemented and will continue to be maintained during the later stages of the building of the village. Once built the climate change strategy does not stop.
Below are just a few areas where Geshaview will continue to address and maintain a close eye in the future.

Staff Will be local and trained up for the functions of the village.

Shops Will provide locally grown organic ‘in season’ fruit vegetables and provisions.

Commercial Services
Laundry will be eco-friendly using purified grey water, eco-friendly, non toxic detergents and the latest in eco-efficiency machinery will be used. Natural ‘river water laundering’ will also be available for those who really want to be totally eco-aware when it comes to laundering.

Farm animals
Geshaview will have its own farm. Use of natural waste and by-products of running the farm will enhance the growth of the flowers and vegetables that will be grown on site. To give education for children the farm will also have a team of donkeys that will provide the internal transport for all around the village. The Geshaview village is car free.

Car free
Yes. apart from emergency vehicles there will be no access for vehicles into the village. Drop off points and secure car parking will be available at the entrance to the village only. No cars means, no noise, no pollution, no danger, minimal damage to the natural landscape and will be child safe.
Free courtesy vehicles will be available at set times during the day for residents and visitors to take advantage of. All vehicles used at the Geshaview village will be eco-friendly, either gas or electric powered.

Airport pick up
Courtesy pick up in multi-person vehicles will reduce the use of hire cars for the transfer journey from the airports. On-site car hire and car share pools will encourage the efficient use of the car during holiday stays of the residents of the village.

climate change strategy
tree shading in Geshaview tree preservation at Geshaview lighting in Geshaview stone work in bulgaria stone cladding in Bulgaria donkeys at geshaview bulgaria car free car sharing in Bulgaria
The photographs, illustrations and information used on this website give an indication of what is proposed for the 'Geshaview' village and should not be taken as the basis for any contract. We operate a policy of continuous product development during construction. Due to this we always have a number of amendments to the design of our developments, properties and facilities. We therefore recommend that you ask for details of the alterations and improvements we have incorporated. Thank you.

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